2013 summer clothing new female t-shirt printing KT Feifei sleeve Korean version 1217

2013 summer clothing new female t-shirt printing KT Feifei sleeve Korean version 1217
US $285.00/ piece
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    Ships out within 7 days
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    15cm x 10cm x 2cm

    Item Specifications:

    Item Type:
    Supply category:
    White - gray - purple - yellow - pink -
    Special process:
    Version of the type:
    Co Body Type
    Whether foreign trade:
    Short sleeve
    Error range:
    + -3 ~ 5cm
    Size fits all

    Item Description:

    Foreign trade type:Export
    Sleeves style:Feifei sleeve
    Marketing Category:New
    Item:1217-130319-7102 KT printing
    For the season:Spring, summer, fall
    Whether hooded:Without the hood
    Length:General models (50cm Neckline shape:Round neck
    Fabric:Cotton blended

    Fabric / materialCotton blended

    Note: Tile size and upper body size is not a small differenceAnd the most accurate method is the sisters take a tile-fitting T-shirt look again contrast Oh!

    Our pictures are 100% in-kind shootingAnd but the actual existence of a certain colorAnd Pirates of the map without permission is strictly prohibited.


    All Yiyi are the primary sources from manufacturersAnd eliminating the intermediate links, the more advantages than similar Yiyi prices yo absolute value!

    Size fits all5939 * 2 = 7829Feifei sleeve150g 

    Due to different measurement methods, the size will be subtle differences,
    This situation is not the problem of the quality of the goods.

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