Classic skin color Core-spun Yarn sock huazhong wire socks

Classic skin color Core-spun Yarn sock huazhong wire socks
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US $3.76/ piece(1h:34m:47s)
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Ships out within 7 days
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16cm x 12cm x 2cm

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Pink . Other size94
transparent . Other size0
orange . Other size160
Light yellow . Other size1690
transparent . Size fits all0
Pink . Size fits all0
Light yellow . Size fits all0
Violet . Size fits all0
orange . Size fits all0
Violet . Other size0
red . Size fits all200
red . Other size0
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note : the following information is for reference only . please contact the seller to get the detailed information .


following ( products / logistics / aftermarket ) information important user carefully cf photographed namely after you has full understanding and acknowledged


photographic separatedly , limited to equipment / skills / light and display such as the reason , phanero- color can't accomplish equivalent to .
can we guarantee color with you purchase product is the same , please color very clingiest user circumspection buy .

formal paragraph color

comfortable cotton shallowly skin color 500 # skin color 502 #

supermarket loading Core-spun Yarn ankle socks product ( single and double loading the / softcover )
Adopt high quality raw material , material thin , smooth transparent , skin-friendly strong , dress around , breathable good .
not only can totally meet your daily working life , for stockings wear requirements , and low price , economical .
this product game , by the majority of huazhong user enshrines .

Core-spun Yarn ankle socks cs-a59031 economy supermarket loading

22-24cm 22-25cm Size fits all measurement
indicate : need better wear sense , you can also choose & rarr . , meet your to wear a sense of .

437 # standard skin color please basis product packaging callout 's colour number , and to real product of zhaohai reference , unifies own choose .

nylon 86% spandex 14%

grade a 1 double formal / 5 double softcover / 10 double softcover

indicate :softcover product not precision hot shaping the hfo2 , part of visual somewhat long short the difference of practical same , elastic slightly pull huaidan , bogin and inflexibly objection from the racket .

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