Factory direct 2013 models of car headlight HID xenon lights hernia the lamp package H1H3H7H4 suit

Factory direct 2013 models of car headlight HID xenon lights hernia the lamp package H1H3H7H4 suit
US $85.00/ piece
Processing Time:
Ships out within 1 days
Unit Type:
Package Weight:
Package Size:
40cm x 25cm x 8cm

Item Specifications:

Item Type:
Bridal Wraps
Xenon lamp type:
Color Classification:
Ballast an H4 8000K H7 3000K H7 6000K H7 8000K H3 8000K H4 3000K H4 60
Light leopard
H1 H3 H7 9005 9006 H11
Xenon lamp Model:
Voltage / Power:
Shop services:
Support installation
Color temperature K value:
3000K 4200K 6000K 8000K 10000K
Suitable for cars:
Star long the Changhe Ideal Changan CM8 Changan Benben Chang'an city r
Applies to cars:
Changan Geely

Item Description:

Lens:Without a lens
Light source:High beam

We solemnly promise:The absolute original brand direct marketing


AllCollect BuyFriends Cikuan HID xenon lamp LED Strip can receive a decorative lamp / light LED shows wide

The difference between the kind of bulb Model

Bulb Type distinction

Product details and installation

SJZM-Xenon lamp ballast and ballast thickness contrast

We may say why your stuff is so cheap ah is not fake or is not good quality stuff.

  • Not like that, first of all we are factory outlet, eliminating the intermediate links, these links may be two three, from us to a wholesaler, then to secondary wholesalers. And then to the hands of customers, the middle will cost will be added to the commodity price on.Packaging: we are folding color box packaging we only need 2 fast a gift box with other sellers are kind of box should be 8-10 fast one, our prices cheaper than the others one of the reasons this thing, after all, not the decorations is the last word, but the use of live electronic products.
  • Our products are sold direct production. Adequate spot. The general spot domestic vehicle H1 H3 H4 H7H9 H119005 9006 more.
  • Our company specializes in the development and production of HID light sources. So the products are with the light source relationship, because focus so professional.
  • Taobao is just a platform for feedback the majority of car friends, because we are mainly at the wholesale level. Directly to the face of a dealer, not necessarily everyone will be able to buy in the local xenon lamp for their car. Some friends may be far away from the wholesale city.
  • Our company has a complete production system and the detection system, we will go through 24 hours of repeated high temperature test, short circuit test, open circuit test before every product factory. Shipment will be detected again. To ensure that the majority of car friends received the baby is put something debut.

Xenon lamp just our ordinary headlights sub-models, that isThe original car is what type of headlight xenon lamp'll be changing what typeAndThe car's configuration above, of course, can also be the online face under investigation, we can consult. Model is roughly divided into following figure shows the

How to choose the xenon lamp models for the use of their car

Xenon lamp models gave us the original car bulbs Model is the same, except that the light-emitting principle is not the same all just look at the majority of car friends following the original car following configuration instructions or removed the original bulb. Way its simple,

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, when the baby photographed must need to clear their car models. You can also consult our customer service, we will answer your questions.

Such as the bulb color temperature can be selected

Some friends will ask ourselves what the select color temperature suitable for their car! We bulb color temperature is from 3000K-12000K available for choice, the higher the temperature, the light color more blue, but the penetration is not good enough, it is recommended that you choose fog lights use 3000K near lamp 4300K-5000K, far from the lightUsing 6000K.

Baby Express

You car friends Shop default daily 20:00 delivery, the baby photographed before 20:00 on the day we can express in the day time for you. Photographed more than 20 points in the second working day for you courier baby.

Express our default STO, STO more outlets in the country, and the efficiency is relatively fast. Can also be selected in accordance with the requirements of the friends, the arrival of the Azores, the wind, excellent speed, and so on. According to your requirements, we will as a you courier baby. The first time to ensure that parents are able to receive their favorite baby.

Baby sign

The large number of baby photographed friends to ensure the correct address, leave the phone is correct, this will not affect the courier company courier for you to distribute baby.

Second: our baby through rigorous testing prior to shipment and tight packaging. Pro when they sign the baby look at the packaging is intact, if there is damage. If there are damaged, or the product is not hesitate to contact us, we will immediately solve for you.

About Installation

The xenon lamp safety, parents can do-it-yourself can also be called a repairman installation. Their installation can see the connection diagram of the packaging behind, if not read can contact us, we will solve your installation problems.

About after sale

Where to buy our products pro, we solemnly promise you purchase baby can enjoy the protection of our company uniform provisions for one year free renewal ". Based on transaction records to protect their legitimate rights and interests of the pro.

We are from the end of the transaction date successfully, for parents who provide after-sales support services for one year, following specific safeguards

A: within one month from the date of the transaction is successful damaged by us to pay the shipping back and forth and replaced with a new baby

: One month after the date of the transaction is successful, the damage to the one-year period, by the buyer to pay the return shipping we will pro replacement brand new baby.

Customer Service: For Wholesale granted a year and a half a new protection

Thank you provide valuable advice of our friends, we still have to do a lot of bad and insufficient. Believe our continuous efforts and your support and encouragement to us, we will Ban provide better service

I hope Dear friends Do not give in Poor, so our work will cause unnecessary trouble, I believe anything can be resolved through communication are good.

Where no chance given the difference in assessment, we will not provide Warranty Services.