Freeshipping One-pieceShaperHigh-grade Natural Silk Protein Coat/Thin body YangShen Conjoined Twin

Freeshipping One-pieceShaperHigh-grade Natural Silk Protein Coat/Thin body YangShen Conjoined Twin
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US $23.16/piece
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25cm x 25cm x 25cm

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Jumpsuits & Rompers
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product is black single-layer model body conjoined twins garments

New 2011 Christine four seasons of the classical beauty of bamboo carbon magic thin body conjoined twins garments

Features: natural crystal bamboo carbon fiber + import silk protein fabric gentle feeling comfortable, thin and soft, aperture fabric breathable, flexibility is good tension good, thin body effect better, anti-creasing the flabby design effect, is the real high-grade body underwear

D. beautiful silk protein / cool and refreshing / no fork / seamless / non-mark / conjoined twins garment with breast slimming, accept slimming reap waist and abdomen, accept stomach, carry buttock, and hip, accept the thigh. This product is suitable for peacetime lean and prevent obese people, also suitable for wearing a wedding dress and postpartum thin, is indispensable `baby` oh!!

LaoHua with imported iron clothes on edge + silver design, more show classic high-grade

Product without steel bone, close-fitting without tight design, no cover cup design, suitable for more women wearing, "chest on chest function is admirable, the fabric weaving, charge for a forming waist tucked up carry buttock effect is stronger, makes women in comfort model body; Bottom, collocation small living files design within freely and resistance to wear with peculiar smell, except germs to women in the cool and refreshing shu shuang enjoy beautiful body repair form.

Specifically targeted at high temperature summer dehydration, skin aging design, silk protein double continued repair, nourish and ventilated smooth, not stuffy don`t hot, comfortable model body. Immediately change, namely, show vertical line appeared to be graceful beautiful condition.

Cixin conjoined twins clothes down the open files, more convenient, systemic climbing-inspired cut sewing. No soft rib. Styling effect also better.

The international
popular underwear style, seamless, decorative pattern feeling is strong, visual extremely delicate fashion, the super eight noodles elastic, satellited comfortable, show perfect figure curve.

Material is super play super soft high-density hex diamond design, no le don`t pressure not tight, fabric bring skin feel very comfortable; Clothes with space memory alloy piece, solves the model body underwear not comfortable all problems; Let your movement, no tight feeling! Clothes and pants all have extended design, waist, hip form improve under the spirit becomes warped, leg stretched, more perfectly shaped beautiful form quickly make oneself comfortable change, yo ~ (very suitable for postpartum repair sister? Of course also suitable for good-looking ordinary women yo)