Imported silicone invisible bra / bra ~ high viscosity and comfortable thickened version

Imported silicone invisible bra / bra ~ high viscosity and comfortable thickened version
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4 pieces / lot,$10.48/ piece
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lot (4 pieces/lot)
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Package Size:
10cm x 10cm x 10cm

Item Specifications:

Item Type:
Intimates Accessories
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Intimates Accessories Type:
Adhesive Bras

Item Description:

A:(ordinary brasize A65;70;75;80;B65;Anumber)

B:(ordinary brasize B70;75;80;C65;Bnumber)

C:(ordinary brasize C70;75;80;D65;forC)

D:(ordinary brasize C85,D70,D75,D80,D85;D suitablenumber)

Invisible brais not confined tobeforeweddingwith

ManyMM summernecessaryOh,sobothHalteralsotape

Cana perfect show,but alsovery dewcleavage.

Gently placed on the body,ensurethe invisible tight fitting bra and chest,canpreventor easily slip dislocation.

Learn towearunderwear,even if wearing asexy dress like this Baotou,you don't have toworry accident condition of the chest!

Inthis fullof silica gel andbreathableLycrasurfacethandobra

Advantage is that:

Feel good,fidelity good(nice,super softandelasticskin,like a reallygreat,the ownerfeelslike a jellylikea bite ofHOHO)

1)the use of advancednaturalorganicsiliconeas rawmaterials from refined,very delicateskin"second skin"let your feelings ofsuperfine fiber,meticulouspersonal care,

The long-term wear,thebusty,tall andflexible,is nowlaunched a newultra-thintype,deepcup,stand,make your breastsmore attractive!

2)the cup usednon-toxic,tasteless,harmlessimport biologicalsilicone material,safety withoutallergy.The repeated use ofits ownhigh-techglialattachmentbreast,no matter how tobeatdon't have to worry aboutits loss.

3)siliconebra cupshapeand texturesimilar to humanskin likenature,and femalechestforming one,especiallysuch as chestcontact lenses.Twoinvisible bra,straplessstrap,no matter what kind ofdresswilllet you leave without a trace,but alsocan get rid ofbeltmarks,also won't havepushedbackthemeatproduce.

International Women'sfashionnew products----bra,breathableskinallergies.Simulationofdesigns,touch uplike a woman's truechest,show yourself!

Itcan befully balancedconcentration andelevate the chest,shape,texture,color and humanbreastonephase.

Thecupdesign makechest Cupandthe usersbody canachieveno trace of theanastomosis!The beauty of theJJMM,rest assuredbold towear thoselow-cut,halterand perspective ofclothing,invisible bracan realizeyouhave a perfectattractivebreastdreams,life moreself-confidentmore guangcaizhaoren.

Theno shoulder,no back button,only in thebra cup sizeforselection,before deductionspecialprison,technologyis strong,no danger of anything going wrong.

Bonding.Agentdoublebrushing,the repeated use of more than 1000,the absolute quality assurance_^^

The use of matters

1,clean skin.Gently wash away thedirt andgrease,towel dryexcess moisture.Please don'tuse perfumein thechest,lotion,skin care products,keep the skin dry and.

In 2,with thefirstone by one.Standing in front of a mirror,handbracupends,willreverse.In the hope ofheight,use your fingers tothe edge of thecupto the chestpressurestick.

In 3,the buckles are buckled.Using both hands totwo cupsof lightbya few secondsto make itstable,thenbuckle,buckle.


If you want toemphasize theirchestfullness,pleasewith distribution in thechesthigh positions.

If youwant to highlightcleavages,please try tobetwoseparate cuppoint distancewith,thenbucklebuckle

Cleaning method

1,cleanedthecupon the palm of your hand,gentlythewettingwith water,and then usea neutral soapcleaning.At the same time,with the otherhandgently circletype cleaningsurface,notwith your fingers.

In 2,with warm water andsoap andrinsecleanresidues,and thenwateranddry,flatand dry

Pleaseusepay attention to the following matters:

1,if thecupinteriorinadvertentexposure to dustorany otherforeign body,you use the specialcleaning fluidretentionafter cleaning,watercleaning can bedirectly.Do not usefingers orany othersharp objectsto remove ortwisttodust,norwith a fingernail ortowelcleaningcup.This can damage thesurfaceand weaken theadhesiveglue.

In 2,the brawhen not in use,put it into theproductboxor hung on aspecialbrasupportstereotypes,lest thebra cupmodel.At the same time,but also can avoid thebraisdust,preventing theadhesive surfacedamage.

3,if it takes a long timeto wearbras,regularcleaning and maintenance.Body sweatmay cause skinproblems anddamage theproduct.Suggestionsat any timeshould be keptdryand cleanproducts.Towear,cupand chestshouldkeepdry.

4,if theadhesive surfaceresidualsweator any other foreign material,adhesivewillweaken.Thebrawashing separately from other clothingother clothing,so as to avoidthe dirtdamage theproduct.Butwe do not advocatemachine,because themachinewill causeshort working lifeandeasy todeformation.

In 5,after cleaning,do notsqueezecupwatermake itquick.Recommendcup hangingin the air wherenaturaldry,avoid direct sunlight.If the product isin the sundryingproducts may beviolence,deformation,andeasy to contact thedust adhered,products.

6,avoidtowelor tissuecontactadhesive surface.

7,avoid twocupadhesivesurface are mutuallyglued together.If youstick together,gently,slowlyto separate them.

8,special tips:if there isskin problems,skin allergies,orwhen the skininjury,infection,injury ordiscomfort,do not use this product.As well asinpregnancy,lactationwoman,siliconeallergy,recentbreast augmentationorbreast reductionlady,pleasedo not use this product.

9,ifthe use of this productoccurs when anyabnormal skincondition,should immediately stop using,and immediatelyconsult yourdermatologist orskin experts.

4)maintenance is simple and convenient,can berepeatedlyusedcups.Along with the internationalfashion health,safety,beautiful andpopular trend,combined with the Oriental femalecharacteristics,using themedicalsilica gel andthe international advanced

Production of refined,superior quality,textureclose to human skin,nobra straps,back hooks,two pieces ofsoft siliconechipcantightlypastechest,shape of natural,real,

Dynamicchest,isthe perfect femaleself-confidence,leading the fashionJiapin necessary.

Backless,strapless,suitable for bothwithbare arms,low-cutdress,also suitable forthe dailycareofbreast.Features:self-adhesive-Guijiaoxiongdianclose to the skin,withoutshoulder harnessesand beltcanfirmlysupportsnaturally softsilica gel,noseams,wearclose-fittingshirtsorsweaters,does not affect theperipheralimagecan be formedwith a frontbuckle,attractivetroughself-adhesivesiliconedoes not causeskin roughnessand allergy