Japan germanium titanium silver Breast lean back heart

Japan germanium titanium silver Breast lean back heart
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US $22.50/piece
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25cm x 15cm x 10cm

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China (Mainland)
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Control Panties

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The latest fine carved plastic Breast flat belly thin waist section, Slim vest! Seamless manufacturing, superb work!
Clothing is a slender, tight waist, suitable sculpting MM, Length 51CM, super elastic, can be worn according to the need to stretch length can pack to cross the location around Oh!
The vest is a must all year round with a slim vest is not only fashionable, but also slimming, shaping Oh! Can pull into a long section of the excellent flexibility!
Single authentic, add this product germanium, titanium, silver will slowly heated fat, weight-loss cycle, platinum particles antioxidant. Titanium, germanium, but also regulate the body's current soothe tired and relaxing effect Yaosuanbeiteng Zhumian Germanium titanium silver element is widely loved by the Japanese high-tech combination of the effect of the best uniform uniform body sculpting clothing, girly!
Japan germanium titanium silver for women this section carefully flat belly thin waist Breast vest, can be imposed for wearing the local stage pressurized, the flexible design adopted in the abdomen, the reach Jinshu not convex; focus on the chest with excellent results. 3D Tito design, the effective length of the breast shape is focused on prop, to show the most perfect type G Breast curator of individuals strongly recommend yo "!
Flat belly Breast thin waist
Fashion MM necessary funds, awesome!!
Summer can be worn alone, Spring and Autumn can be used with T-wear, winter wear on the inside, a thin layer, no one knows that the possession of the the Sha secret, only to find that your body is getting better and better, more perfect!!!
Elastic strong!
This remarkable thin Oh, super nice and super flexibility can pull into the long section in the fully plastic to live in a perfect physique, Oh, really great, the manpower necessary!! Can be worn alone Oh!! Can also be worn Bib ah, skirt, ah!! very beautiful