mix color 6pcs/lot free shipping Twisted , dsmv thermal pantyhose legging autumn and winter

mix color 6pcs/lot free shipping Twisted , dsmv thermal pantyhose legging autumn and winter
US $31.40/ lot
6 pieces / lot , $4.71/ piece
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US $28.26/ lot(4 days left )
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Ships out within 7 days
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lot (6 pieces/lot)
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20cm x 10cm x 10cm

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material graphic pattern:
design details:
woven pattern
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Stocking leg height:

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Green . Size fits all2303
brown . Size fits all2052
Dark gray . Size fits all1927
Light gray . Size fits all2153
Violet . Size fits all2230
black . Size fits all1255
brown . Other size2173
Light gray . Other size2313
green . Other size2318
Dark Blue . Size fits all2228
Dark Blue . Other size2328
black . Other size1696
Dark gray . Other size2098
Violet . Other size2312
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note : the following information is for reference only . please contact the seller to get the detailed information .


2011 year fashion reproduction of , classic twisted socks , mm wardrobe wardrobes !

pantyhose , step foot socks all have !

trousers apiece heavy 180g , 6 both of superheavy , need add olympic !

book goods for low profit products ! if there is quality problem or leak hair and so on it only provide refund service

15a reissue ! hope wide buyers of entente amicale ! like in these questions buyers please speed leaving the shop ! we are not afford ! ! ! photographed means assent arguments ! !


grey :

black :

coffee :

purple :


thickness in thick


suitable height 158 - 168 's mm and girls



1 ) peoplegou before eximination
book shop didn't can bargaining , goods in price have been callout , counteroffer noretry 320g .
goods due to display , filming effect , may exist composite, , please to prevail i .
please receive sign for items , extempore tallying . if you have surplusesof , please extempore presents and contact seller , the bear no obligation
Logistics( post office , such as ) caused by delay or damaged , book store no responsibility .
( 2 ) after sales service
commodities such as quality problem ( inhuman for damaged ) , book shop bear 28101998 5 or 10 yuan , and to buyers and the replacement of the enterprocessingrange purchase the same to the goods ,
such as duanhuo is the refundment .
wrongly goods deemed quality problem , treatment procedures quality problem
quality problems metatheses . please buyers former detailed understanding items case . buyers of personal preference , color texture measurement and imagination incoordination wasn't anotherproduct range .
please goods see over , 've used , overside water , scrapping cards etc commodity don't accept metatheses .
sods situation need metatheses , please day after presented and in 3 days 28101998 , pastdue can't the admissibility , thank you fit .
we cherish your reputably . receive the goods incidents problem , plese first contact us , certain give properly resolved , please resolved again undertaken evaluation , or else

optic for malicious appraisement .
please buyers before carefully read this eximination , goods with the contract , the eximination for sale contract the important part , photographed implies accept .



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