Stealth chest paste bra stealth silicone bra silicone chest paste underwear 8018 200g

Stealth chest paste bra stealth silicone bra silicone chest paste underwear 8018 200g
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4 pieces / lot,$11.23/ piece
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lot (4 pieces/lot)
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10cm x 10cm x 10cm

Item Specifications:

Item Type:
Intimates Accessories
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Intimates Accessories Type:
Adhesive Bras

Item Description:

A:A65,A70,A75,A80,B65        (32-34) 

B:A80,A85,B70,B75,B80,C65      (34-36) 

C:B80,B85,C70,C75,C80,C85,D65   (36-38)

D:C85,D70,D75,D80,D85   (38-40)



The use of matters

1,clean skin.Gently wash away thedirt andgrease,towel dryexcess moisture.Please don'tuse perfumein thechest,lotion,skin care products,keep the skin dry and.

In 2,with thefirstone by one.Standing in front of a mirror,handbracupends,willreverse.In the hope ofheight,use your fingers tothe edge of thecupto the chestpressurestick.

In 3,the buckles are buckled.Using both hands totwo cupsof lightbya few secondsto make itstable,thenbuckle,buckle.


If you want toemphasize theirchestfullness,pleasewith distribution in thechesthigh positions.

If youwant to highlightcleavages,please try tobetwoseparate cuppoint distancewith,thenbucklebuckle

Cleaning method

1,cleanedthecupon the palm of your hand,gentlythewettingwith water,and then usea neutral soapcleaning.At the same time,with the otherhandgently circletype cleaningsurface,notwith your fingers.

In 2,with warm water andsoap andrinsecleanresidues,and thenwateranddry,flatand dry

Shotcupsthickening design,suitable forflat chestedgirl,also suittowear swimsuittimecurvemore prominentgirl.

[size]to havea better effect of poly chest,willdressup,should be in accordance with theusualunderwear brais a little biggerchoice.

Product features


The unique productionprocess to create,is different from the generalinvisiblebra...

The perfectcup design,in full accordance with the human bodycurve is constructed,each of the productsarerefine on..

High adhesionnatural glue,thecupand the human skinbetweenclosely,not easy to fall off.

Noshoulder straps,no back button,trulyinvisiblewithout a trace

Medical gradesiliconeimitation ofhuman skin,soft surfacesuch as skin

Color andthe skin close to,morecontact

Professionalgrade siliconeglue,andthe skin perfectand stick,not falling

Silicone brause method!

The point!Wearingsilicone brayouchestskinmust be completelyclean,dry,notwithanything

As long as the"wash,wear,buckle"threesteps,allowing you tothe beautiful nature,remain free.

1Wash(this isthe most importantstep.)

Use soapand waterto removetheoil and dirtonyourbreast,with a soft toweldryskin.