wholesale 10 pcs Elastic ice silk material bikini beachwear, pink sexy beach dress +free shipping

wholesale 10 pcs Elastic ice silk material bikini beachwear, pink sexy beach dress +free shipping
US $75.00/ lot
10 pieces / lot,$7.50/ piece
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    Processing Time:
    Ships out within 7 days
    Unit Type:
    lot (10 pieces/lot)
    Package Weight:
    Package Size:
    20cm x 10cm x 10cm

    Item Specifications:

    Item Type:
    Jumpsuits & Rompers
    Fit Type:
    Pattern Type:
    Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)

    Item Description:

    Supplycategory:SpotFabric: nylon/nylonstyle:bikini
    ApplicableGender: Femaleapplicableages: AdultPattern: Solid
    Color:blue-green(the number offillin multiples of 10), black(the number offillin multiples of 10),Rose(the number offillin multiples of 10), yellow(the number offillin multiples of 10), white(the number offillin multiples of 10), coralred(fill inthe number ofmultiples of 10),purple(the number offillin multiples of 10), green (the number offillin multiples of 10), pink(the number offillin multiples of 10),sapphire(the number offillin multiples of 10),peacock blue(fill inthe number of10multiples)

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