Xifeng Court Han Chinese clothing costume flower-tin forehead flower tin paste flower-tin flower-tin paste married bride headdre

Xifeng Court Han Chinese clothing costume flower-tin forehead flower tin paste flower-tin flower-tin paste married bride headdre
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Flower-tin stickers (20 larger image)

Contention willing to learn plum makeup the decorated Shouyang Princess amount, Palaces.

One above 20 different varieties of flower-tin; priced at just $ 10.

Colorful, vivid, safe, non-toxic, non-allergic.


Application: the actual edition of the flower-tin than the following figure to some.

The boat blinds gap the beauty Banlu Mei amount of makeup, Irene low Yinghua as engraved.

Flower-tin origin]

About the origin of the flower-tin a Yizhenyijia legend: Southern "Song Book" written in the Song Wudi Liu Yu's daughter Princess Shouyang 7 is the beginning with Chapter Highness sit in the front of the hall plum the breeze Drop a plum, impartiality upon the princess on the amount of the amount of dyed petal-like, and for a long time to wash off. The palace woman to see Princess amount plum India is very beautiful, and then emulate, they would no longer adventures of the princess, so he cut the plum paste on the forehead, from the birth of a new kind of cosmetic surgery. This plum makeup quickly spread to the private sector, women to emulate fashion. Five Former Shu poet cattle Qiao "Red Rose" decorated Princess Shouyang amount Palaces contention willing to learn plum makeup ", that is to say this allusion. The generation of the Sui and Tang dynasties, flower-tin has become common accessories for women. To the Song Dynasty, are still popular, plum makeup, Zao Yin drunk flower soul: "boat blinds gap, the beauty Banlu plum amount of makeup, Irene low Yinghua such as engraved."

Flower Tin allusions

Ancient there is a decal in the cheek makeup tin, known as dimples or smile. According to legend, the Three Kingdoms period, Wu Taizai Sun and drinking and dancing under the moon crystal wishful missed wounding favorite concubine Ms. Deng cheek, too white medical otter marrow reconcile amber to give the Ms. Deng Zhishangling the face, leaving a trail of red after injury point, the Sun and feel that Ms. Deng is so charming, and soon the court, civil rise Dan grease points cheek, and spread to future generations. Emperor Jianwen poem: "makeup open shallow dimple around the face Fu oblique red." That describe this ornaments poem oblique red and dimples supporting surface decoration. The surface dimple in the Tang Dynasty, is still popular, high order of "things Ji the original" records: "Far World woman hi pink dimple, such as moon-shaped, such as money-like, or Zhuruo Yan fat point by the Chinese also still the" from the Nam fun temple several collection the Song Dynasty Statue known face decals tin Utah more than the wind in the Song Dynasty.

Flower Tin Shape]

From the image data, the shape of the flower-tin texture vary widely. The most simple flower-tin is only a small dot. Complex useful gold foil, pearl, fish cheek bone, fish scales, tea oil flower cake, black light paper, mother-of-pearl shell and mica, and other materials made the cut flower shape, which is most common plum. This may be the Princess Cheng Shouyang plum makeup left Italy. Five Dynasties Later Shu Meng Chang Fei Zhang Taihua see "buried shaped" write "wondering past the pepper house pet, tears wet skirts loss Tsui fine poem Chui Tin is made from the feathers of the kingfisher. Written by Song Tao Gu Shan differences were recorded: "after Tang Palace or network for dragonflies, love Chui thin, then submitted gilt pen painted wings, short broken branches Hanako." This is the flower-tin dragonfly wings.

In addition, flower-tin, there are many complex pattern, such as horn-shaped, fan-shaped, peach-like, and is portrayed as various abstract patterns, density and white, well-proportioned properly. This flower-tin attached to the forehead, like a blossoming brilliant bright wonderful grace gorgeous woman dress. Recently, a lot of drama reflect the life of the Tang Palace, Princess Gao Yang, Pacific Princess, Empress Wu or Yang, has a red or gold trinkets on the forehead, and some point spend as color, that is, the so-called flower-tin.

[Flower-tin Color

Colorful flower-tin color, the color depends on the material of the flower-tin, gold, such as gold foil sheet flashing reflective; black light paper is black, tobacco smoke shiny; the fish cheek bone white, clean and jade. According to the pattern need to be painted a variety of colors, but also compete Vying for Yan, brilliant mining. The most unusual is a "Chui Tin" It consists of a variety of kingfisher feathers made whole flower-tin bluish-green, sparkling crystal point, fresh and chic. Tang Wen Ting-yun "TUNE word" face Jinxia fine, deep eyebrows Chui Tin ", the Five Dynasties Houshu Zhang Taihua (Fei Meng Chang)" see after the funeral shaped "poem" pondered the past pepper room pet the tears wet skirts loss Tsui fine, refers to this rare ornaments.

[Flower-tin usage]

Interesting gum paste flower-tin is a very convenient glue Oh, this thing has been, uh, gas will be sticky, according to legend is made of fish glanced strong adhesive force can be used to stick fletching. Women use the paste flower-tin, as long as the gas Oh, and dipped in a small amount of saliva can dissolve the paste. Remover with hot water deposited, can be peeled off. The convenience of straight stickers than it is now, but higher than the self-adhesive adhesive strength.

Understand the flower-tin what the Peard verse is even more desolate look back, flower-tin stickers on the forehead trinkets, this should not be dramatic, will not fall off easily, then why " on the floor "mean? Apparently chaise in the process of being strangled is struggling, the process should be dead could not bear to suffer visions, poets like an understatement to write on a flower-tin Commission no one close, which implies extremely miserable. flower-tin do not know what that is, would not have been this poem deeper rationale for this poem have a deeper understanding.

Flower-tin stickers methods and precautions

Flower-tin stickers: Tear transparent film, to paste up the tattoo, tattoo entire invasion wet with a damp cloth, stay for about 20 seconds, push the end of paper feeling the paper in the slide, and then slowly pan the White pattern off completely printed on the card.

Pattern printed up, remember to let the pattern dry naturally, do not touch it or in the pattern when wet clothes friction so as not to scratch the pattern.

Flower-tin stickers do not want to paste, you can use an alcohol wipe or scrub off with water. Note that shower gel or soap bath, do not pull or rub your flower-tin oh.