[Xifeng Court] Han Chinese clothing costume hair accessories the comb / green sandalwood comb / jade sandalwood comb

[Xifeng Court] Han Chinese clothing costume hair accessories the comb / green sandalwood comb / jade sandalwood comb
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Bridal Hats
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Millennium comb wire Love

Green sandalwood comb

Material: jade sandalwood

Specifications: Length 11.8cmx wide 5.5cmx, thickness 1 cm (approx.)

Very fragrant thickMushu

[comb hair accessories]

The combs also has ornaments effect and high technological value. In ancient China, the comb is eight hair ornaments, one of the beautiful women who often fine combs inserted in a bun, as hair ornaments, a long time, but also inserted comb of the wind.

Each comb supporting a brocade bag.

jade sandalwood]

Also known as green sandalwood, Tupper St. sandalwood. Green sandalwood Origin is mainly distributed in the Americas, the country of origin for the United States, Brazil, the Caribbean Islands and Central America region, is the best in the Americas timber green sandalwood grown in virgin forest, clouds all year round curls, adopted the nimbus. Deserted, for local indigenous sacred trees. The beginning of the 18th century, people harvesting the production of fine furniture and handicrafts, refined flavor. The Green Tan because it contains rich organic substances, in the closed film out of the volatile organic substances can not crystal clear flocculent crystals will be formed in the surface of the wood, which is rich in organic matter because Green Tan contained within due , which is to determine the most effective and easiest way to true and false Green Tan. In the sun was brown, dark blue, purple, green, humidity and temperature changes into changes in the dim light.
Green sandalwood close texture hard, erosion immortal. Naturally beautiful wood grain, feel smooth and delicate, fragrant aroma eternal, colorful and varied. Clearly visible in green sandalwood beads highly decorative natural lines, a circle like a distant rings, exudes ancient Stark atmosphere and fantastic blurred gloss.

The magic and beauty of the green sandalwood, it is usually for the auspicious objects, known as "Saints ebony. Worn, evil does not invade. Reiki bless peace, reward and a better life. The ancient legend can ward off evil spirits and cure diseases ...... By their nature, noble, ancient palace is extremely popular in our country, a high official nobility generally wear. Put a green sandalwood carving products on the desk can be refreshing, long-term exposure to this material is beneficial to the body.

comb regimen]

Comb hair health existed since ancient times. Home health daily hair as an important means of self-care law and health, Northern and Southern Dynasties the famous physician TaoHongJing think: head when the number of comb, blood flow does not stagnate, hair roots often vertical. The Akito thank Hajime system for "five miscellaneous group," Volume II also contains: the "comb wooden tooth Dan says: comb every morning cadres, solid hair to the wind, the Yung Yan Yueze,. Therefore, the comb had a reputation wooden tooth Dan. The reason why the man in the world since ancient times shorter than the average life expectancy of women, in addition to the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, color and other factors, I am afraid that with very little hair uninvolved. Therefore, frequent use of hair comb can play the role of cure fitness, brain longevity.

the Green Tan maintenance]

Commonly used cotton cloth wipe, will be more smooth, long-term and grinding more beautiful aroma forever.


Xifeng Court comb the traditional brocade handbags packaging, a comb a handbag.

[send comb Implications for

China's ancient times, to send the comb got married, and I want to grow old with you mean.

Send comb on behalf of a lifetime to be entangled to the old, the meaning of the statement made

Meaning of Sidingzhongshen.

Ancient woman married before the custom of family members on their hair, so-called "combed in the end, comb gray hair bang, the three comb of many children and grandchildren", contains both the good wishes of the family love pass. Therefore, many places have Tanabata send the customs of the comb.

Send comb there are several theories:

1 comb on behalf of Acacia, representing the other side miss miss you!

Comb every day combing hair represents it with your close, on behalf of the bald with both old!

Comb also represents love, the ancient tokens generally have to do mean!

Comb also represents health, happiness! Cares away knot open and hair give people the spirit of self-confidence to bring people!

To comb for the ceremony to send her mother: her mother comb to make a thousand strands of worry, I wish her happiness, forever young!

Comb as a gift to send teacher: mentor Wing in mind, I wish the the world teacher physical well-being, happy happy!

Comb for the ceremony to send the bride: May her Enenaiai, meaning Benedict Wife, eternal love!

Comb for the ceremony to send their elders: I wish the elders healthy and everything, Fuller rain!

For the ceremony can send friends and relatives, to send elders leadership of his business is booming, careerism, health, Maestro intended to comb.

Huizhou traditional crafts factory direct in-kind shooting

Comb with a strong culture of Huizhou, a Huizhou Woodcarving style, it is rare craft gifts and collectibles.

Comb body smooth, comfortable grasp rounded and smooth, comb, do not pull the hair, not to hurt the scalp, no static electricity, long-term use can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points of the head, to promote head blood circulation, with a clear brain refreshing, nourish hair and promote sleep , etc. It is natural green living home, travel essential supplies.