Free shipping!5pcs Foreign trade wholesale Mini car voltmeter / table the car voltage detector / battery voltage meter monitor

Free shipping!5pcs Foreign trade wholesale Mini car voltmeter / table the car voltage detector / battery voltage meter monitor
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5 pieces / lot,$3.40/ piece
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lot (5 pieces/lot)
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18cm x 13cm x 7cm

Item Specifications:

Item Type:
Bridal Hats
Automotive instrument type:
Suitable models:
Applicable For Car Series:
Audi / Audi the Baolong BMW Porsche Mercedes-Benz FAW Tianjin FAW Hond

Item Description:

Safe driving her car engine and power go hand in hand all the way owners have knew!
Bright LED digital display, interior light and easy to see
Easy to use:
Directly into the car cigarette lighter port can detect the car battery voltage is detected, convenient and practical.

Operating parameters:
Range: DC voltage from 7 to 20V12V car available

Display Accuracy: 0.01V

Working voltage: 7V-20V (can work)

Measuring current sampling frequency: 3 times / sec

Special Note:

The normal voltage range of 12V lead-acid battery is generally 10.5V to 14.8V, the different brands of the type of the battery depending on the acid concentration and the ambient temperature type float slightly up and down, the discharge, the voltage decreases with time, discharge below 10.5V overdischarge, will certainly result in irreversible damage to the battery, should be promptly charged, reduce or turn off the load device, start with the battery, you should focus on examination of the generator to the battery charging circuit is normal; charging voltage over time increased, higher than 14.8V overcharge the same damage the battery, check the charging circuit and the generator is normal, focus on checking whether the battery is lack of water, replenish distilled water (non-acid), in order to avoid the the battery overcharge fever until retirement!


Just last month received a customer calls, the customer said the move suddenly found the car all the lights are dark, cold air conditioning, wipers slow down, but the car is to drive, I hasten to the customer to the store to check in customer to the door, turn off the car, and could not be mobilized Sure, connected to the instrument checks of professional motor, generator and battery damage, spent more than 2,500! ! Good luck flame in front of the store, or in the wilderness but a case of not being heard by anyone.
Voltmeter can avoid this situation, the generator and the battery can immediately know the assumption that the customer can be found for the first time the exception of the generator voltage, the battery will not be damaged, car battery, but now prices powerful, customers questioned the need for new ones at the same time, a voltmeter was also the end of the month.

The significance of the voltage values:

Not launch when the car is powered, the battery voltage, the normal values of 12.2-12.8, below 11.6 should pay attention to turn off the car as soon as possible electrical charge and instantly launch engine, connected to professional battery testing equipment testing capacitance value less than 10 may not start.

Car to start the generator voltage, the normal value of 13.4-14.8, lower than 13.4 will not be able to charge the battery, check the alternator belt vehicle the electrical normal load, higher than the 14.8 is excessive power generation will damage the battery and car on appliances, check the generator regulator.